Transactional Mails

A Transactional email is a type of email that is generated by a user on a website or a mobile app. It facilitates an agreed-upon transaction existing between the sender and the recipient.

It is a method of customer communication that contains automated and real-time messages sent to the user through email. Transactional emails are usually sent programmatically with the aid of an API or SMTP server.

Transactional Mail

Transactional email types

Transactional emails can bring marketers better results in terms of ROI and customer engagement. It is also possible to create transactional emails in mailgiga. However, one must first understand the different types of transactional emails to leverage their power:

Order confirmation

When a purchase is made by a customer, it is good for the company to follow it up with an order confirmation showing the shipping details and order tracking process. These emails reassure the customer that the purchase was successful and gives the business a chance to cross-sell.

Shipment status email

This email is sent to keep a client in the know regarding the order made. Companies tell customers about the date of the product arrival. Moreover, they give a chance to track the shipment right from the email.

Event-driven notifications

Event-driven notifications are triggered whenever something happens in your software product, online platform, or mobile app and you want to let your customers know. Customers can usually choose which types of event-driven email notifications they want to receive.

Password resetting email

These emails are sent to website visitors who ask for password changes and usually contain clear instructions on how users can change their login password. They may include a link for the reset, and another to report unauthorized password change requests.

Pricing plan upgrade email

This email motivates users to upgrade their pricing plan. Marketers usually tempt with special features that will boost productivity. Another common practice is giving a time-limited discount. Especially, when an annual plan is considered.

Email validation emails

email validation emails make sure you’re emailing who you think you’re emailing. No spam or fake accounts allowed! Requiring email validation helps keep your deliverability high — you only send emails to people who want them, not fake mailboxes, spam traps, or users who’ll send you straight to spam.

How Does Transactional Email Work?

There are three ways to send transactional email with mailgiga. All are included in your subscription to the Transactional Email add-on:

1. Transactional Email:- You can create and send transactional emails directly within the same mailgiga interface you’re used to.

2. SMTP API:- Hand us a fully-formed email via API, and we’ll wrap the links, and add open and duration tracking to your emails. Using the SMTP API allows you reference one place, and the existing mailgiga email performance metrics, while continuing to use your existing system.

3. Single-send API:- This is the best of both worlds! You can continue to create, manage, and edit transactional emails right within mailgiga while using custom tokens to insert information from the transactional email API, such as items ordered, or shipping information.

Transactional Mail 2


MailGiga offers a robust suite of services to effectively manage your transactional emails. From building dynamic, personalized and responsive email to real-time monitoring of your important email traffic, our transactional email solution effectively supports developers and marketers alike.

Send transactional email

Start sending transactional email in a matter of minutes. Using the same interface from your marketing emails, you can begin sending transactional email in minutes.

Dedicated IP

Manage your own email sender reputation and deliverability with a dedicated IP for your transactional emails. With a great email sending reputation.

Automated Sending

Easily integrate with our SMTP Transactional API and automatically send commerce receipts, account updates, and other system emails.

One solution for all

Utilize one solution for all your email. Create and measure all of your email performance with one common solution by sending your marketing and transactional email through mailgiga.

24/7 support

MailGiga offers world-class chat, and phone support to solve your tricky problems. And account monitoring, ongoing deliverability consulting, and expert guidance for more proactive help


Worried about sending one-size-fits-all emails? MailGiga supports streamlined integration, so you can send emails directly from your web application.

Reach The Inbox

Reaching the inbox is even more important for transactional messages, MailGiga is here to ensure you deliver your messages in seconds to your recipients’ inboxes.

Monitor In Real Time

Monitor your email & sending statistics in real time, including the number of emails delivered, clicks and open rates. Keep track on any bounces and blocks so you can address any errors immediately.

Full Email Analytics

Track the performance of your transactional email with a thorough understanding of emails delivered, clicks, opens, bounces, and more.