OX Mail

Secure and Engaging Email

Email is the foundation of online communication. More than 269 billion emails are sent every day. Email usage continues to grow worldwide, and so does email market revenue. Email is an important part of your users’ digital life. Why not provide them with a unique email experience?

OX App Suite, Open-Xchange’s white-labeled email solution, combines webmail with contacts, calendar, tasks and a personal dashboard. It equips users with a fast and robust tool that comes with everything they need to organize daily webmail activities: online, offline and on their mobile device.

How Users Benefit from OX Messaging Products

Secure Webmail

Your users expect a fast, robust, secure email solution with an appealing design and great usability. This is exactly what OX Mail provides. The browser-based solution comes with all the features users need, including a comprehensive editor to compose.

Managing Contacts

Users want to create, save and synchronize their contacts across all devices to keep their address book up to date. OX Contacts delivers exactly this. The easy-to-use address book and organization tool helps users to efficiently manage contacts.

Intuitive Scheduling

OX Calendar provides all your users' need for easy and intuitive schedule management. They can manage events and appointments with either one calendar or several separate ones.

Getting Things Done

OX Tasks is OX App Suite’s “to-do” list. It lets users handle day-to-day and long-term tasks, and makes sure they get done. Creating new tasks and updating existing ones are as easy as can be.

Quick Overview

OX Portal is a personal dashboard for OX App Suite. The portal gives users an overview of all the important information in OX App Suite. For example, it presents latest emails, upcoming birthdays, and open “to-do” items.

On The Move

OX mobile apps let users manage their emails, access and share their uploaded documents and pictures, and synchronize their calendars, contacts and tasks with native apps for iOS and Android,

OX App Suite Cloud
Turnkey solution managed by OX

OX App Suite Cloud is a turnkey solution that gives you a scalable, managed and hosted delivery platform for OX App Suite. The low total cost of ownership (TCO) and modern architecture make OX App Suite Cloud a perfect fit for telcos and ISPs. Anyone that want a secure email, communication, and collaboration suite for their consumer or SMB market. OX App Suite Cloud is your fast, easy, and secure software solution.

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundA managed, scalable, turnkey solution for OX App Suite

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundComplete your product line

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundFast time to market with set up, support, and maintenance from the OX Cloud Services team
Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundITIL-compliant, secure, and ISO certified data centres with 24/7 support available

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundBenefit from the integration of OX App Suite and OX Dovecot Pro
Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundMore than just technology: Customers matter

OX App Suite On-Premise
In your data center

Built primarily for businesses whose physical location and security needs are mission-critical. OX App Suite On-Premise is our email, communication, collaboration and storage software installed in your data center. Your Open-Xchange team makes sure your system is up and running smoothly with their top-notch support, custom solutions, and expert advice and insights.

Your system, your data, our expertise

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundDeployed in your data center

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundEasy integration with your ecosystem

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundSupport with architecture, design and implementation

Image result for checkbox right icon without backgroundGo-live with Open-Xchange’s support

Image result for checkbox right icon without background24/7 Tier 3 support from Open-Xchange specialists

How Providers Benefit from OX Messaging Products

Your Brand

OX App Suite is a white-labeled email solution. All browser-based modules as well as mobile apps and desktop clients can be branded your way. Your logo, your colors, and your consistent brand experience. OX App Suite is your chance to offer the email services and benefits that your users associate with your brand.

Monetizing Email

Our business model complements your monetization strategy. Whether you decide to bundle OX App Suite with other solutions or offer freemium and premium upsell plans, OX App Suite integrates smoothly into your package.

Active Users

As a vendor of white-labeled communication and collaboration products, we understand service providers’ needs. This is why our applications are attractively designed to maximize user engagement. With intuitive onboarding features and continuous usability improvements